Welcome to JAGAT FOTOGRAFI (JF) - a place where photography is explored and shared with passion!

JF began as an attempt to give a home for my photography works, writings, and translation of articles about photography and photographers.

A home is, in a way, personal and private: here is where my passion for photography lives and my understanding and exploration of it grow.

But home is also a point where family members meet, share, interact, and nurture each other for growth; a place where we welcome and greet visitors; and the basic unit which - together with other homes - forms a community. It is in this sense that home becomes and enters the public sphere.

I take pictures as a passion. I write (and traslate) to understand and make sure that I understand about my passion. Writing gives a home to the hovering ideas. It domesticates the wild and turns the raw into pallatable nutrition that makes the mind grow. That's the private part: the inner exploration and understanding. Giving it a home is a way of sharing; a way of nurturing common growth; a way of creating a true sense of community. There lies the public role of this home.

Having said all that, allow me to share this blog with you: Photography enthusiasts where ever your are!

From Indonesia with love,
Eki Qushay Akhwan

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