Saturday, July 26, 2008

What's A Photo Blog For?

A photo blog is of course a blog to display (or whose main content are) photos. That’s obvious. But that’s not the answer I want to discuss here.

A few days ago, I received a comment from a fellow Indonesian “photo blogger” requesting an exchange of link with my BANDUNG DAILY PHOTO (BDP) blog. I would usually respond positively to such a request. Being a new kid on the block (or blog?), BDP would certainly benefit a lot from links of similar blogs. But not this time.

The reason was that, after checking the link the owner gave, I found that the so-called photo blog contained fewer than a dozen of photos of poor quality, which apparently had not been updated for a long time. But that’s not the only reason why I rejected the request. In addition of not qualifying as a proper photo blog, the said blog appeared to have been made for the sole purpose of hosting advertisements.

I don’t mind advertisments, which could help a blog owner to pay for the cost of maintaining a blog, and perhaps make a little profit. But if a blog has virtually no useful content and has a lot of ads, then it’s rubbish! And I don’t want to deal with that kind of stinky stuff that only makes the internet a litter bin of useless things.

I feel sad (and disgusted!) that there are people out there who think that a photo blog is just a convenient way of making a blog which can host ads (AdSense friendly?). They make a “photo blog” because they can’t write properly in English (which is a requisite for AdSense), but their photos are also junk because they don’t have the slighest idea about what a photo blog is supposed to be.

The kind of bloggers I just mentioned are just lazy, mindless, and “immoral” people who, out of desperation for money, would do just about anything: claiming what they are not (read: lie), stealing others’ works and claim them as their own, or even outrightly throwing a bunch of garbage on your face. The blogs they make are not worth peeping even with your eyes shut.

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Ekki Kaharudin said...

hayyyyaaaaa ... sabar mas :)
internet emang bisa berarti macam2 buat orang. ada yang sekedar narsis atau cari penghasilan tambahan, meski ada yang serius mau sharing sesuatu.

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