Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meeting The "Photo Scavenger Hunt" Thematic Challenge: Things That Go Fast

Every now and then photographers need to create a challenge (in the form of a project of some sort) or meet a challenge posed by others to hone their photographic skills and keep their creative powers alive.

My post today is about meeting that kind of challenge.

Photo Scavenger Hunt is a photographic weekly thematic challenge initiated by a photo blogger friend of mine, Carrie Hayes of View of You Photography. For this week, the theme is "things that go fast" - and here is my interpretation of it.

How fast is fast? Well, I think that depends very much on what yard stick .you're using. A car can be fast, but it would seem slow compared to a rocket, for example. A bicycle may be slow when compared to a car, but it definitely is faster when compared with walking.

Fotografer kadang-kadang perlu menciptakan tantangan atau menjawab tantangan yang diberikan oleh orang lain untuk mengasah kemahiran fotografi dan kreatifitasnya.


Anonymous said...

I really like your photo! I love shadow shots. The Mustang on my blog is not mine and I think the yr is 07 or 08, but Im not sure. I drive a 95 nissan and a 95 dodge durango. Have a great day!

Rambling Woods said...

This is great for the theme. I will have to look at your friend's meme...Have a good weekend Eki

Anonymous said...

i like the way you crop this pic n shadow -rahmat- nb: hasil hunting kita dah upload fn, kang Eki

rob said...

Ciao! Have you received my email?

marie6 said...

This is good, and the shadow of the bike gives it an impressive look.

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