Saturday, December 20, 2008

Travel Photography # 04: Crossing The Golden Gate (A "Photo Scavenger Hunt" Post)

Photography is my passion. But there are also other things that I enjoy doing: Travelling, reading, gardening, and teaching.

Teaching is of course my profession, but more than that it's a profession with a passion. I've tried other jobs before and even though they were good and well paying, none was as satisfying - and addictive - as teaching. I'm glad I chose this profession and I'm proud to be a teacher.

And here are the photos for my participation in this week's "Photo Scavenger Hunt":

Photo 1: That is me - the one with that camera backpack - and my wife's colleage on the Golden Gate bridge. He used to study in California and knows a lot about San Francisco. He tried to explain to me about a few things we saw from the bridge. My wife took this photograph. She's not very much into photography. In fact, she often says that she can't use a camera! She's very good at other things though - she's very smart and, apart from photography, she can do a lot of things better than I can.

Photo 2: Here is my wife and me, posing at the Golden Gate park with the bridge and the San Francisco bay at the background. Her colleague took this photograph.

These photographs were taken last year (2007) on our trip to three US cities. It was her business trip. I was only a chaperon.

Oh, and here is a 42 second video clip of the bride crossing. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Great pasttimes! How many cities have you visited here in the US? Have a great day!

dinezzz said...

pengen nih sekali2 turing kesini,pak..
di Indonesia gakda Jembatan kaya gini. :P
Coba dibikin Jembatan selat sunda,

ramblingwoods said...

I am so happy to put a face to you and your beautiful wife...Now I know who I am conversing with. I think you have seen more of the country than I have. I have never been to the west coast only west as far as Ohio and as far south as Florida... Oh and teaching is a wonderful profession isn't it. I do miss it very much. Trying to find a way to convey information to a student is so rewarding and in my case, finding a way to reach a special needs student. Wonderful!

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