Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lure of the Mannequins

Mannequins are lifeless figures, we all know. But they are almost always perfect: from head to toe, they are shaped to match the images of perfection. They are like magnets in our own minds about what we want to be - pulling us to the border of the underworld where consciouness is put to the back seat and primordial emotions are taking control: spend, spend, spend ...


Dani Subagja said...

yeah, keren kang.

Lene said...

You said it - perfect, but only almost. It doesn`t help anyone to be perfect if you are not alive. Cause that`s the most amazing thing: Life :)

Your world is really exotic to me - I whish to visit someday :) Great pictures of it here at your blog :)

aii said...

mannequinnya setengah :)
tapi klo foto saya clode up ya mas :)

Asywal said...

om, ini berjudul " belanja terus sampai mati"

visual voicenya bikin saya bergembira

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