Saturday, January 16, 2010


Rainography is obviously a play of words. There is no such a word in the English language. And no dictionaries have had an entry of it yet. I made it up.

Combining the words rain and photography, the new word carries with it the meanings of the constituent words. Its meaning may therefore be construed as photography of the rain. In the study of linguistics, the blending (or combining) of words or morphemes like this is called portmanteau, a word which - etymologically - is derived from the French words "porter" (to carry) and "manteau" (mantle).

Speaking of verbal and morphological blending, let's also remember that a photograph may in itself be considered as a blending of various signs. Hence, it is a text. And like any other texts, it is a locus where a host of other previously existing texts interact with one another in the process of producing this new text (intertextuality). As a text, a photograph can also be read and interpretted.


Anonymous said...

nice potrait,sir!

Firman said...

boleh main ke tempat saya, melihat hasil foto saya yang masih belajar ini :)

iqbalINTER said...

ujannya kaya yang g begitu keliatan ya?

Eko said...

Nice picture..

mampir2 ke blog saya mas..

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