Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What can be happening when photographers meet?


I honestly think that's what's going to happen when photographers meet.

Some of you may of course know what X-pro is. It's the short form of cross processing, i.e. the procedure by which - back in the age of film photography - a piece of film is deliberately processed in a chemical solution which is not intended to be used for that particular type of film. The result is, well, interesting! There are these suprisingly 'unrealistic colors', high contrast, and so on and so forth as you can see in this series of photographs I took at a photographers' gathering I attended yesterday.

X-pro can now of course be simulated in digital processing (what's not these days?). Nearly all digital photography processing softwares I know of have this facility/capability. In Photoshop, you can manipulate the contrast and brightness, hue and saturation, and the curve editor to get this effect. In other programs like the PhotoScape, this facility is available in the form of a filter that can be applied with a click of a button.

Technical questions aside, what X-processing do you see in the subject of these photographs?


yok said...

Kopi ?
Arabika / Robusta ?

Pia Zakiyah said...

Sir, I'm surprised you visited kedai Kopi Mata Angin too :) I can find a lot of interesting photographs there ..

Bon Tot said...

sedap sekali.. salam Kenal dari Klaten. :D

Heri said...

Pertamax gan

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