Monday, June 9, 2008

Photo Essay: KRD, Commuter Train with Services

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It had been sometime since I had taken the KRD (Kereta Rel Diesel), the commuter train that serves Bandung and its vicinities, to commute between home and work. Convenience was the issue. However, the recent phenomenal hike in fuel prices, the worsening of traffic congestion (especially during the rush hours), and the messages of impending disasters caused by global warming pounded almost daily by the media had made me rethink about leaving the car and moped at home, and start taking the commuter train again. I must admit that apart from the rush-hour crowding and occasional delays, the KRD is actually the cheapest, the fastest (and quite probably the greenest) way to get to Bandung from the suburbs and the other way around. And so, this week I gave it a try again.

Like a memorable place revisited after years of being away, it was not surprising that the first ride gave me quite a new insight. Instead of the usual grumbles about the crowding, the noise, and the hygiene (which I used to feel), I actually began to see how wonderful this place was. For a 1000 rupiahs (about 9 cents US dollars), I couldn't ask for more of my money's value. Forget about the driving and the stressful traffic. Just sit there (or stand if there are no more seats), relax, and the train is going to take you into the city in literally minutes. And, if you happen to be a keen observer of human behaviors, this is just the perfect place to satisfy your curiosity. But wait, that's not the only good things you get here ............

The train literally gives you all the space you need to lug around what you wish to carry, like this man with his wooden sandals.

Candies or refreshment? They are ready on board, and offered with impeccable hospitality.

Leave you ipod at home if you wish. Life music is part of the service on board. You don't need to pay extra for this first class service. But yes, small tips are always appreciated.

And who needs movies if you could get life performances like this for free? (Well, tips are certainly welcome.)

You don't even need to worry about forgetting to bring your morning paper with you. Of course, this one is not free. But it's good to know that should you ever forget to bring your paper, there is someone who'd bring it for you.

And if you are a spiritual person who never feels good about passing a day without an act of benevolence or charity, don't worry ... there is ample opportunity to do that here.

There! What more can you ask for?



How I miss this ride.
It reminds me of my old days, Depok-Jakarta.

Thank you for sharing this.

Dani Subagja said...

kapan ya bisa ikutan moto seperti ini.
keren kang.

Eric said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've never ride this KRD because, well, I've never needed to go to the suburbs before. I think I need to try this sometime. Afterall, I love the train and the train station.

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