Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Photo Essay: A Day at a Festival

By Eki Qushay Akhwan

I like going to festivals.
Not so much for the fun as for the opportunities they always present:
to have a peek at the behavior of the homo ludens;
and to hone the ever-faithful view-finder of my camera...

In a festival, beauty is always part of the fun. Always commanding. Always speaks loudly for herself.


Games are staring coldly right through the escapist desires in us all.

Fun, everyone?

Why not having an adventure without leaving your seat?

It still IS an escape ...


A juggler makes your eyes swirl in bemusement ...

And music stirs your soul and makes your body restless,

aching for the rhythm of the universe.


Adventure is always about a test of your strength;

resolution, and the sheer joy of conquests and discoveries.

It's a world of joy found

in children ...

And the child who lives in us all ...


The horrors of magic might not be your cup of tea.
But hey ...., that's why it's called MAGIC!


Just a fair warning:
Too much fun could affect your heart and vitality!

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